Velocit Quick Pregnancy Detection Test
velocit pregnancy detection kit
Velocit, the number 1
Dr recommended# Pregnancy
Detection kit in India.
Velocit Eazy Pregnancy Detection Test
velocit eazy pregnancy detection kit
India's most Advanced*,
Single Step, 99% Accurate*,
quick home pregnancy test kit.
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  • Velocit is the No. 1 Doctor recommended* pregnancy test kit in India.
  • Velocit works by detecting the pregnancy hormone (hCG) in a urine sample.
  • Use Velocit on the day of missed periods.
  • Reading pregnancy test results.

Velocit Eazy

  • India's most advanced*, single-step pregnancy test kit.
  • 99% accurate* quick home pregnancy detection test.
  • No dropper, no container, result in just 3 minutes.
  • How to use Velocit Eazy?
  • Reading pregnancy test results.